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    1. CASES

      The pulp molded tableware production line is composed of a pulping system, forming equipment, vacuum system, high pressure water system and an air compressor system, and is used to produce disposable pulp molded tableware. The production line uses pulp from sugarcane, bamboo, wood, reeds, straw and other pulp boards as raw materials. The materials are prepared into a pulp with a certain concentration through the processes of hydra pulping, refining, adding chemical additives, etc. They are evenly attached to a special metal mold to form a wet blank product. A disposable pulp molded tableware product is produced through the processes of drying, hot pressing, trimming, and stacking. The average unit capacity of the forming system is 1T / day. And It can be customized per the actual order from the customer.

      The biggest feature of the host system is the integration with forming, hot pressing, trimming and stacking. It is automatically and continuously completed without manual transfer, and can be achieved through the line without removing the mold and changing the mesh(completed in 5 minutes). This greatly saves the site, labor and power consumption, and improves the start-up rate, product qualification rate and product quality and provides easy maintenance.

      Which disposable degradable tableware production equipment is more energy-efficient and efficient?The packaging industry unanimously recommends BESURE pulp molding tableware equipment!

      BESURE latest TSA2-9898 automatic high-speed cutlery machine is a cost-effective device newly developed according to the domestic market demand. The advantages of this equipment: [Higher output] single machine capacity can reach 800kg/day; [Smaller] the main machine covers an area of 23.6 square meters; [More energy saving] It can save 30% vacuum and 20% air pressure consumption; [Higher quality] The smooth surface of the hot-pressed upper mold is designed without holes, which solves the problems of black spots and macular process holes in the industry, and the product qualification rate is over 90%; [More Efficient] On-line screen change makes the equipment utilization rate higher, and the impact on production is almost zero.

      This is a major technological breakthrough in energy saving and consumption reduction of tableware production equipment. It is a cost-effective device newly developed by the BESURE team according to the domestic market demand. At present, BESURE  TSA2-9898 automatic high-speed tableware production line project in Hunan has been officially mass-produced. The production capacity of a single machine is 33.8kg per square meter, which greatly enhances the company's paper tableware market competitiveness and market share. Orders are in short supply!


      Models: TSA2-9898

      Equipment Composition: Forming,Hot Pressing, Trimming, Stacking

      Platen Size: 1000mm*1000mm

      Maximum Capacity: 800kg/24hr

      Outline Dimension(mm): L 9200 *W 3000*H 3950

      Forming Type: Reciprocating pulp suction and forming

      The forming minimum shut height : 120

      Hot-press standard mold closing height(mm): 140

      Forming Pressure: 5T

      Hot Pressing pressure: 40T

      Trimming Pressure: 60T

      Product Height(mm): ≤100

      Product transfer method: Servo drive chain drives mesh frame transfer products

      Heating Method Electricity: Electricity or Thermal Oil + Electricity

      Control method: PLC + touch screen

      Remarks: The above parameters are for reference. Due to the continuous development of technology, relevant data will be continuously updated



      ModelsOutput CapacityFloorStaffElectricityWater
      TWB40004Tons/day24 * 36Meters, height ≥4M5Persons/shift1000-1050KW/hour0.4-0.6Tons/hour
      TWB80008Tons/day24 * 48Meters, height ≥4M10Persons/shift1900-1950KW/hour0.9-1.1Tons/hour
      TWB1000010Tons/day24 * 60Meters, height ≥4M14Persons/shift2300- -2400KW/hour1-1.3Tons/hour
      TWB2000020Tons/day184 * 36Meters, height ≥4M18Persons/shift4500-4600KW/hour2.4-2.6 Tons/hour
      TWB3000030Tons/day224 * 36Meters, height ≥4M23Persons/shift7000-7100KW/hour7-3.9Tons/hour
      TWB4000040Tons/day264 * 42Meters, height ≥4M30Persons/shift9035-9450KW/hour4.9-5.1Tons/hour
      TWB5000050Tons/day264 * 52Meters, height ≥4M38Persons/shift11400-11500KW/hour6.2-6.4Tons/hour

      The product transferring uses the motor to drive the mesh frame without vacuum adsorption transfer, saving the air pressure of the vacuum machine.
      Workshop space saving
      Capacity Each Machine 1Ton, covering 22 square meters, and that is 49kg/square meter/day/machine.
      Quick mold installation, mesh change, and long mold cleaning cycle
      It takes 2 hours to complete the mold installation; 5 minutes without stopping to change the mesh; 1-3 Month cleaning the mold.
      Good Quality of Products
      The mesh frame transfer mode makes the product free of process holes and dirt and black spots.
      Easy Maintenance
      The equipment adopts a pneumatic + servo drive system. The product is driven by the mesh frame. The hot press mold do not need horizontal movement and no accuracy requirements of repeating positioning . The maintenance can be completed by ordinary maintenance workers.
      ABOUT US


      In 1997, BST team imported the European production line to China and started the business of molded pulp products production. During the past 24 years, BST team dedicate themselves to the development of pulp molding industry and continue to extend to the downstream industry.  BST has now become the group corporation of R & D, manufacture and sales of the whole pulp molding production line, mold and moleded pulp products. It' s also a China-Europe cooperative international company with foreign factories around the world and the first listed pulp molding equipment manufacturer in China.

      A China-Europe cooperative company and international group. 

      The 1st listed company of Chinese pulp molding machine manufacturers and high-echnology company. 

      Focusing on pulp molding equipment for over 24 years, the leader for world high-end pulp molding equipment. 

      Serving more than 400 customers all over the world with 6 local service centers.


       BeSure headquarter is located in Foshan GuangDong which is the equipment manufacturing center in China, focusing on  R&D, manufacturing and sales of various kinds of pulp molding equipment and molds. The factory covers an area of 38000 square meters and has more than 250 employees. 

      BeSure technical staff accounts for more than 50% of the total number of company. The current staff number for equipment R & D , engineering installation and commissioning, electrical engineering process , technical support, mold design and making, production , quality control , sales is 131 in total, including 8 doctors, 19 masters, covering multiple disciplines such as mechanical, electronic, thermal engineering, fluid mechanics, paper making, product design, engineering design etc... 

      The equipment workshop is divided into several parts,including cutting, welding, assembling, painting, processing, electrical assembling and so on . There are different kinds of processing equipment such as CNC machine, milling machine, drilling machine, lathe, shearing machine, bending machine, wire cutting machine, etc.

      Mold manufacturing workshop includes CNC processing, drilling, mesh covering, polishing, assembly and other processes. The workshop is equipped with tableware and fine packages machine for products R & D, testing and improving. At the same time it's also used for customers visit and technician training.

      There is a sample workshop for mold tesing, sampling and small quantity products production. There is an entire equipment testing system including pulping system, vacuum system, high pressure water system, compressed air system for ex factory equipment commissioning to ensure that all the equipment is qualified before shipping. In order to improve the equipment intelligence, BST set up an R&D center in Europe where the world pulp molding industry originated. There are 6 employees currently and the center is focusing on the development of automatic equipment and production line, helping on BeSure technology innovation. At present, BST has several technologies which are the first innovation in China and has several national patents, leading the world pulp molding industry development. In July 2016, BeSure and Siemens achieved the strong alliances to facilitate pulp molding production line towards intelligence.

      • How do you guarantee the quality of your company's equipment?
        The core components of our equipment are all international well-known brands, and the control system is Siemens brand in Germany.
      • What guarantee does your company have for after-sales service?
        Our company has six service centers around the world to provide timely and fast after-sales service for local customers.
      • What are the raw materials used in the equipment?
        Raw materials are divided into two categories: one is secondary recycled waste paper and the other is fiber pulp board.
      • How long can your equipment be delivered?
        The manufacturing time of the equipment is 4-5 months.
      • What countries does your company export to?
        Our equipment is sold to more than 60 countries all over the world, such as the United States, Canada, France, the United Kingdom, Russia, Malaysia, India, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, South Africa and so on.

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      During this meeting, feel free to communicate your ideas and ask lots of questions.

      They are all manufactured according to the strictest international standards. Our products have received favor from both domestic and foreign markets.
      They are now widely exporting to 200 countries.

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