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      • <p>High Safety Performance</p>

        High Safety Performance

        Strict quality control, providing imported core components, safe and reliable

      • <p>Mechanical Automation</p>

        Mechanical Automation

        Our dedicated design team and production team are capable of providing customization solution to suit.

      • <p>One-Stop Solution</p>

        One-Stop Solution

        Focusing on  R&D, manufacturing and sales of various kinds of pulp molding equipment and molds over 25 years

      • <p>Perfect After-sales Service</p>

        Perfect After-sales Service

        Serving more than 400 customers all over the world with 6 local service centers.


      • <p>25 <span style="font-size:48px;">years </span></p>

        25 years 

        Pulp molding industry experience

      • <p>38000<span style="font-size:48px;">㎡</span></p>


        The factory covers an area of 38000 square meters

      • <p>300 <span style="font-size:48px;">persons</span></p>

        300 persons

        ???????The factory has more than 250 employees

      • <p>400 <span style="font-size:48px;">Buyers</span></p>

        400 Buyers

        Serving more than 400 customers all over the world


      We have professional designing including mechanics, automation, thertal engineering, paper making, moulds, industril, etc.


      Serving more than 400 customers all over the world with 6 local service centers.


      The first thing we do is meeting with our clients and talk through their goals on a future project.
      During this meeting, feel free to communicate your ideas and ask lots of questions.


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